Warriors Low
Rogues Low
Clerics Low
Mages Low

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Faeblight Server

Raid Times:
Friday 6-9 server (GA)
Saturday 6-9 server
Sunday 6-9 server


Tier 2

Grim Awakening 4/4(x2)
Infinity Gate 3/3
Planebreaker Bastion 4/5

Tier 3

Bindings of Blood 1/4

Mmm, Salty.

Welcome From Salty!

We are a newly formed progression guild on the Faeblight server consisting of experienced MMO raiders ready to push forward into new content.

Guild Officers (@Faeblight): Haybale, Karsheren, OpheliaCox, and Tyrane

Defying Fate

Posted at 11:30pm June 14, 2014

Salty is now 1/4 in BoB!!!

Watch Salty's first kill of Greenscale!

Posted at 12:48pm May 05, 2014

Salty vs. Greenscale

Watch live video from Kitsunee_tsuki on TwitchTV
Watch Salty's first kill of Greenscale!


Posted at 11:30pm May 05, 2014

Salty is now 4/5 in PBB!!!

just join already sheesh